Work while away
from the office

Go Mobile

Go mobile, with eeCentral and have schedules readily available for your workforce.  Use Apple or Android OS tablets and/or smart phones to know when you work or to manage your employees’ schedule. Send alert messages keeping your workforce informed and reducing attendance misunderstandings.  Unlimited schedules with user defined rule settings for each workforce team within your company. 


Selected key features for employees

  • Accurate Time off management
  • Elimination of scheduling errors
  • Employee overtime accountability
  • Reduction of paperwork
  • Reduced attendance misunderstandings
  • Reduce potential liabilities
  • Increased productivity
  • Optimize workforce
  • Access remotely or when off line
  • Employee self service – edit personal information, view work schedules and much more
HRIS for mobile phone

Selected key features for managers

  • Approve/edit employees timesheet
  • Approve/reject time off requests
  • Messaging communication
  • Create/modify employee work schedules
  • Functional security provides selected viewing and editing
  • Multiple report functionality
  • Real-time alerts

The eeCentral mobile platform provides easy access to all employee services

cross platform integration
Deploy eeCentral to Meet your Needs
eeCentral is a deployment-ready platform which meshes with your existing .NET application precisely. We work in tight coordination with you to ensure stable installation and ideal server configuration. No matter which EBS deployment option you choose, you have the flexibility you need to meet your unique business challenges while still implementing a single database HRMS solution that works!
Chose from On-Premise, SaaS, or we can host it for you.

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