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Adheres to all Compliance Standards.

eeCentral Offers a Fully Integrated Approach to ACA Compliance

EBS offers the most comprehensive Health Care Reform Management solution on the market to help you manage crucial elements of ACA, including determining eligibility, assessing affordability, and providing a critical Regulatory Management solution that helps identify and address compliance issues before they become a problem.


The simplest way to improve compliance and safeguard your organization from expensive legal actions is to automate your time and attendance system and integrate it with compliance reporting.  Use eeCentral to automate calculations and reporting of hours worked, paid and unpaid time based on your organizational policies, enforce leave and attendance policies more efficiently and consistently and track PTO, LOA and FMLA.

Hr compliance

Management Insights

eeCentral’s customers have been able to move their Payroll Cost Center to a Workforce Strategy Center. Today, eeCentral’s Workforce System provides real-time information that provides for user setup alerts for proactive KPI monitoring. This provides management with information increasing job profitability. In the last year, eeCentral has consulted with several of their rapidly growing customers to develop meaningful dashboards for monitoring their labor workforce.

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