Typical Services Requested by eeCentral Clients

Annual Benefit Letter

Commonly known as the hidden payroll letter, is typically requested by clients to be run annually or on the employee’s anniversary date. It shows the employee what they are getting paid as well as the cost of their benefits. This service includes:

  • PTO, vacation, sick days, etc.
  • Companies cost for insurance, life, dental, LTD, short-term disability.
  • Company contribution for Social Security, FMED, Unemployment.
  • Company contributions for 401(k), pension, profit-sharing, bonus.
  • Commissions, Christmas or birthday payments if applicable.
  • Any other company-specific items that may exist.

Breakdown Your Cost for Each Individual Employee

A verification letter showing the insurance coverage for the employee and their family with the specific types of benefits. Numerous different forms that vary from company to company. Tracking of company property, keys, credit cards, phones, commuters, and other such items. Tracking of special awards, compensation, parking space, employee of the month etc.

Covering Your Assets

Monthly insurance audit report will verify that everyone supposed to be insured is insured, that cobra is being handled properly and that the company is not paying for insurance for anybody no longer eligible.  Some of the companies we have implemented this has saved tens of thousands of dollars the first year.

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