HR Management, Made Easier

Human Resources, From Hiring to Work Force Management

eeCentral allows you to align your workforce with your organization goals, objectives and financial budgets. eeCentral provides easy to understand charts and graphics to quickly visualize key areas for management review. The systems comprehensive HR functionality allows you to manage the entire employee lifecycle in one application. Use the built-in workflow technology to automate virtually any business process and to analyze details on every aspect of your organization. Build profiles for every position defining competencies, duties, pay ranges and so much more. Manage headcount across the organization against defined budgets. HR can create succession plans instantly and track employee’s longevity. Information provided for informed decisions.

Selected Core Functionality of eeCentral System

  • Position control – tracking information based on positions
  • Update employee data and keep the history
  • Easily manage and track employee compensation
  • Multi-location and currency
  • Applicant tracking and on boarding with website integration
  • Customizable job applications with management features for identifying top candidates
  • Onboarding resources to maximize your employee investment
  • Single source for employee management – appraisals, goal setting, appointments
  • Training management
  • Management dashboards
  • eeCentral smarter decisions with EBS real-time data analytics
  • Generate comprehensive schedules on the fly avoiding schedule conflicts improve efficiency

Why eeCentral?

eeCentral’s customers have been able to move their Payroll Cost Center to a Workforce Strategy Center. Today, eeCentral’s Workforce System provides real-time information that provides for user setup alerts for proactive KPI monitoring. This provides management with information increasing job profitability. In the last year, eeCentral has consulted with several of their rapidly growing customers to develop meaningful dashboards for monitoring their labor workforce.

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