Work While Away
From the Office

Go Mobile

Go mobile, with eeCentral and have schedules readily available for your workforce.  Use Apple or Android OS tablets and/or smart phones to know when you work or to manage your employees’ schedule. Send alert messages keeping your workforce informed and reducing attendance misunderstandings.  Unlimited schedules with user-defined rule settings for each workforce team within your company. 


Selected Key Features for Employees

  • Accurate time-off management
  • Elimination of scheduling errors
  • Employee overtime accountability
  • Reduction of paperwork
  • Reduced attendance misunderstandings
  • Reduce potential liabilities
  • Increased productivity
  • Optimize workforce
  • Access remotely or when off line
  • Employee self-service – edit personal information, view work schedules and much more
HRIS for mobile phone

Selected Key Features for Managers

  • Approve/edit employees timesheet
  • Approve/reject time off requests
  • Messaging communication
  • Create/modify employee work schedules
  • Functional security provides selected viewing and editing
  • Multiple report functionality
  • Real-time alerts

The eeCentral Mobile Platform Provides Easy Access to Self Service

Our system works perfectly on all mobile phones. It makes it easy to:

See your paychecks or direct deposits

Record time entry

Access your W-2’s

Request time off

Verify benefits or various balances

When you choose eeCentral the system works perfectly on your phone, notepad or PC. Choose from Installed On-Premise, SaaS, or we can host it for you.

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