Payroll Optimization

Efficient Workflow Process, With Complete Employee Details.

eeCentral is the intuitive solution for when getting it right is essential. eeCentral reduces the complexity by eliminating siloed spreadsheets, manual preparation and multiple systems. eeCentral’s integrated system provides for one flexible source of data entry and built in alerts saving time and reducing risk of errors. Cut your payroll processing time and costs significantly.

Selected Features of eeCentral System

  • Total accuracy in complex payroll.
  • Track hours and costs by job, project, and allocation.
  • Calculate multi-state taxes appropriately and accurately.
  • Track unlimited projects, rates, funds, and date ranges.
  • Apply unique calculations based on job and pay codes.
  • On-demand check writing and calculations.
  • Handles multiple support order and garnishments with ease.
  • Calculate retroactive pay for any time period.
  • Benefits and earned PTO etc. accruals.
  • Unlimited direct deposits per person.
  • Special routines for bonus, commissions, etc..
  • Integration with General Ledger and other systems.
  • Real-time output to insurance company or benefits agencies.
  • Powerful dashboards can vary by user.
  • Report writer includes artificial intelligence capabilities.
  • Seemless integration with HR and Time & Attendance.

Scheduling and Pay

In today’s workforce market It is left to the imagination the flexibility in pay types; eeCentral’s design allows for user defined pay rules to accommodate this needed flexibility. This flexibility provides for engaged workforce when your business can easily provide for these employee needs. It also provides efficient and cost savings operations scheduling when your HR system can readily handle multiple pay types, in multiple locations and countries. Recent clients in multiple markets with complicated flex, part-time and seasonal have been able to cut their HR process costs significantly.

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