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Your Organization Save Time and Money;
Improving Your Labor Cost Management.

Schedule Employees with Built in Tracking, Alerts and Reports

eeCentral offers a cloud-based solution for companies seeking a single comprehensive system to manage their human capital. eeCentral helps midsize companies manage compliance and streamline everything payroll, benefits and talent management, in just about any industry.


eeCentral’s Time and Labor solution helps your company make better decisions based on timely, accurate labor data. Highly configurable data entry tools streamlines the way you collect manage and report your labor information and provides your information for adherence to complex compliance regulations. A single location, multiple locations and time zones or even countries, tracking time with multiple devices online, offline, eeCentral’s biometric time clocks are no problem with eeCentral’s cloud based solution. Harness the power of eeCentral’s solution.

For more detailed system, download the eeCentral System feature list.

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